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What Is a Supplemental Funding Agreement

The DfE approved revised versions of the Framework Financing Agreement (MFA), the Single Additional Funding Agreement (SSFA) and the Supplementary Funding Agreement (SFA), which means that all academies opening from 1 April 2018 will have to use the new model agreements. The agreements are collectively referred to as the Delta Habitat Conservation and Transportation Program (HCCPD) Funding Agreement and the Bay Delta Conservation Plan and the Delta Habitat Conservation and Transportation Plan (DAD – DHCCP) Additional Funding Agreement. Each […]

Signature Does Not Indicate Agreement

Employees often refuse to sign disciplinary measures, but they are more likely to sign if notices are presented and formulated correctly. They want their signature as proof that they have received discipline for their behavior. Despite an employer`s efforts, sometimes an employee still refuses to sign. So what does HR do? You don`t want to look like you`ve written down the employee and put the documentation in a personal, invisible folder. If an employer threatens to fire a worker […]