Snapdeal Vendor Agreement

[otw_shortcode_button href=””size=”large” icon_type=”general foundicon-plus” icon_position=”left” shape=”square” color_class=”otw-blue” target=”_blank”] Download the agreement[/otw_shortcode_button] Hello guys, Welcome to Legal Adda, where we make legal at your fingertips. Today, a lot of the ecommerce market started in India and everyone wants to connect with the seller, but while they are related to the seller, they have to decide on certain things like the seller`s payment policy, terms and liability, or tax payment terms like VAT or sale, or other things in terms of copyright, trademark or marketing, etc. so that it is called seller or seller or DE agreement for e-commerce sites in India. I am a valuable jeweler, so it will be difficult to replenish stocks and get returns, as the amount invested exceeds hundreds of rupees. In addition, they do not disable the COD because they themselves do not know if the buyer is real or falsified. We share with you a typical deal from one of the most popular ecommerce marketplaces in India, snapdeal. So below you will find the download link of the Snapdeal seller agreement and adapt it to your business requirements, but we recommend that you hire a good lawyer on myonlineca and do your job online at very affordable prices….